Make Home Your Own With The New Custom Home Page
Want a better Home page? Build it yourself!

Make Home Your Own With The New Custom Home Page

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Happy holidays!

Today we are thrilled to release a new member Home page. And because there are so many different ways to spend time on the site, the focus is entirely on customization.

The best home page is the one you build yourself! Let's get started.

New Home Settings
Start here.

Head to your home page, and click the Home Settings link at upper right (see above). This will open the Home Settings modal, shown here:

Home Page Settings

The panels in this form correspond to optional sections on your home page; simply add or remove them with the checkboxes.

You can also use the up/down arrow buttons (at the right of each panel) to rearrange the sections, based on your priorities—or just whatever you think looks nice. Love the Daily Puzzle? Put it right at the top.

You can also include Quick Links: handy tiles that act as shortcuts to the features you love the most.

Quick Links

Finally, don't forget to check out the gear icons ( ⚙︎ ) in the Settings modal. These show additional options for that section. For instance, how many Daily games do you want displayed? How many rows of Quick Links? 

And that's all there is to it. The best way to get to know your know your new Home is to move right in and make yourself at home comfortable.   And once you get set up, check this out...

Chess Today

Also landing today is a new "home" for everything that is happening right now in the world of chess: Chess Today. This is an improved version of the "main page," giving an overview of the day's top news, blogs, articles and more.

Get to Chess Today by clicking the green pawn at the top of the left navigation menu (which should feel familiar) or via the Watch section of the menu. (It's also available as a Quick Link for your new Home page.)

(For your convenience, please note that landing on chess-dot-com now takes you to your home page if you are logged in.) 

That's it for now. Thank you for reading, and please let us know what you think in the comments.

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