Mamedyarov Tops Field At 30th Reykjavik Open

Mamedyarov Tops Field At 30th Reykjavik Open

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Following the trend of top GMs participating in open tournaments, Azerbaijan's number-one GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov is the top seed at this year's Reykjavik Open.

Mamedyarov is one of the two 2700 GMs who have already registered; the other is Czech number-one GM David Navara

This year the Reykjavik Open will be held for the 30th time. It also celebrates the 80th birthday of Icelandic chess legend GM Fridrik Olafsson; the tournament will be held in his honor.

Olafsson, who turned 80 on January 26 of this year, was one of the very best players of the world in the 1950s-1970s. He defeated many chess legends, including Karpov, Fischer, Tal, and Larsen. 

In 1978, Olafsson succeeded Max Euwe as FIDE president. In 1982, he lost the FIDE presidential elections to Florencio Campomanes.

Olafsson at the Euwe Tournament in 2011.

Last year the Reykjavik Open reached a record number of 255 participants from 35 countries, including 28 GMs and many other titled players. At the time of writing, 29 GMs have already registered for this year.

2015 Reykjavik Open | Registered Players (Top 30)

No. Title Name FED Rtg
1 GM Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar AZE 2759
2 GM Navara, David CZE 2735
3 GM Melkumyan, Hrant ARM 2673
4 GM Jones, Gawain C B ENG 2670
5 GM Movsesian, Sergei ARM 2663
6 GM Hammer, Jon Ludvig NOR 2648
7 GM Granda Zuniga, Julio E PER 2646
8 GM Naroditsky, Daniel USA 2622
9 GM Gupta, Abhijeet IND 2621
10 GM Gujarathi, Vidit IND 2617
11 GM Fier, Alexandr BRA 2612
12 GM Grandelius, Nils SWE 2609
13 GM l'Ami, Erwin NED 2606
14 GM Maze, Sebastien FRA 2585
15 GM Cornette, Matthieu FRA 2582
16 GM Hansen, Eric CAN 2574
17 GM Jussupow, Artur GER 2573
18 GM Stefansson, Hannes ISL 2573
19 IM Stopa, Jacek POL 2540
20 GM Le Roux, Jean-Pierre FRA 2539
21 GM Brunello, Sabino ITA 2530
22 GM Rasmussen, Allan Stig DEN 2529
23 GM Grover, Sahaj IND 2519
24 GM Libiszewski, Fabien FRA 2518
25 GM Pakleza, Zbigniew POL 2498
26 IM Idani, Pouya IRI 2496
27 IM Tari, Aryan NOR 2493
28 IM Georgiadis, Nico SUI 2488
29 GM Rombaldoni, Axel ITA 2488
30 IM Kjartansson, Gudmundur ISL 2484

(See the full list here.)

The tournament will again be held in the Harpa concert hall and conference center. | Photo Wikipedia.

Like the Gibraltar Chess Festival, the Reykjavik Open is a 10-round Swiss to increase the chances for players to score a norm. In the Icelandic capital there is one double round, on the second day of the tournament.

Because Iceland has many tourist attractions, the organizers give the players the possibility to take two half-point byes during the first seven rounds. One of those attractions is of course the famous Golden Circle tour.

The Gulfoss waterfall, part of the Golden Circle tour.

Like in other years, the tournament will also feature GM lectures, a blitz tournament, a soccer match and a pub quiz. 

In the video below you can see impressions of the 2012 Reykjavik Open (including that Golden Circle tour!):

If you can't join the tournament this year, you can still follow it closely at Like last year, will be producing a live commentary show during each round.

For more info on the tournament and registration, visit the official website.

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