Maxim Turov earns ticket to Tata C group

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GM Maxim Turov is the first player who qualified for the Tata Steel C group in January 2012 after winning the BDO Tournament in Haarlem, The Netherlands. The Russian grandmaster shared first place after nine rounds with Dutch GM-elect Robin van Kampen, and won a nerve-wracking Armageddon game to win the tournament.

The 7th BDO Tournament took place August 20-28 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. As in previous years, IM and GM norms were scored in both the Premier and the Challenger Tournament. In the last round IM Ruud Janssen preferred a quick draw against Niclas Huschenbeth over tournament victory, to secure his third and final GM norm. In the Challenger Tournament David Klein did not settle for a draw. By beating Tom Bottema he both earned his first IM norm and an invitation to the Premier Tournament of 2012.

With three players sharing first place before the last round, the BDO Chess Tournament saw an unprecedented exciting final round. All three were behind the white pieces as well, so it was obvious that the quick draw Ruud Janssen settled for would not be enough for tournament victory. It was no surprise that Maxim Turov beat Manuel Bosboom in a straightforward manner, but Robin van Kampen had to squeeze water from stone against British GM Stewart Haslinger - and eventually succeeded. In a tense tie-break Turov and Van Kampen both won their game with black, but in the Armageddon game Turov was just a little cooler - or shall we say luckier.

1GM Turov, Maxim2630x½1½½1½1½16.5
2IM Van Kampen, Robin2519½x½½1½½1116.5
3IM Janssen, Ruud25130½x1½½1½116.0
4IM Vaibhav, Suri2430½½0x1½11105.5
5GM Haslinger, Stewart G2548½0½0x1½1½½4.5
6IM Huschenbeth, Niclas25210½½½0x10114.5
7GM Nijboer, Friso2546½½00½0x11½4.0
8FM De Jager, Jaap239500½0010x113.5
9IM D`Costa, Lorin A R2425½000½000x12.0
10IM Bosboom, Manuel23990001½0½00x2.0

Games Premier group


For local favourite Jaap de Jager, the tournament that started like a dream ended like a nightmare. De Jager started with 3 out of 3 and 3.5 out of 5, needing only 4 points for his second IM norm. In the last round, still on 3.5 points, opponent Friso Nijboer offered a draw, which De Jager would have accepted eagerly if only he would have heard the offer being made. Unknowing he played on and lost just a couple of moves later.

But in the Challenger Tournament David Klein kept his calm. Needing only half a point for his first IM norm, he offered a draw quickly against Tom Bottema. In a roughly equal position the latter decided to play on, but was soon punished for his optimism. With a score of 7 out of 9 Klein convincingly won the Tournament and will be invited for next year's Premier Tournament.

1FM Klein, David2366x½1½½½11117.0
2IM Slingerland, Fred2390½x½½0111116.5
3IM Arnaudov, G. Petar24390½x0½111116.0
4IM Peelen, Piet2354½½1x1001½15.5
5FM Gijswijt, Bart2341½1½0x½001½4.0
6FM De Wit, Tex2293½001½x1½½04.0
7IM Brown, Andrew2202000110x1014.0
8Bottema, Tom224700001½0x113.5
9FM Poobalasingam, Peter S2299000½0½10x½2.5
10Jackson, James P21570000½100½x2.0

In the open tournament, an invitation for next year's Challenger Tournament was at stake. Rating favourite IM Marinus Kuijf came up as shared first, but generously passed on the invitation to Rob Schoorl. Local talent Daan Haver (rated 1886) scored a remarkable 6 out 9 with a performance of 2301, scoring no less than 4.56 points above his expected score.

Thanks to Bart Gijswijt

The tournament was held in Haarlem's mind sports centre 't Spaerne

The playing hall of the Premier (left) and Challenger tournaments...

...and the bigger Open tournament...

...where some nice paintings made the walls look nicer than in the average chess tournament!

A quick game before the start of the round... the tournament sponsored by accounting and consulting firm BDO

Robin van Kampen scored his 4th official GM norm in Haarlem...

...but GM Maxim Turov was the winner. For the first time the tournament cooperated with the Tata Steel tournament which meant that Turov qualified for the C group of that event.



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