McShane Accepts Tal Memorial Spot

McShane Accepts Tal Memorial Spot

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The amateur English GM Luke McShane has accepted the 2012 Tal Memorial spot that he was offered when he topped an online poll of chess fans arranged by the organisers.

The news was revealed by the Russian sport news site which reported that McShane had confirmed he will join the other 9 elite players in Moscow between 7-19 June. McShane's participation had been dependent on his being granted leave from his full-time job in the City of London!

The online poll initially garnered praise as an innovative idea, but problems with the voting attracted controversy which culminated in the exclusion of Vietnamese GM Le Quang Liem..

Luke McShane (right) at the 2011 London Chess Classic (picture: Ray Morris-Hill)

Luke McShane London Chess Classic 2011 last round game.jpg


The full line-up is confirmed as:

 Name Nat Rank Elo
 Magnus Carlsen NOR 1 2835
 Levon Aronian ARM 2 2820
 Vladimir Kramnik RUS 3 2801
 Teimour Radjabov AZE 5 2784
 Hikaru Nakamura USA 6 2771
 Fabiano Caruana ITA 7 2767
 Alexander Morozevich RUS 9 2765
 Alexander Grischuk RUS 11 2761
 Evgeny Tomashevsky RUS 17 2736
 Luke McShane ENG 58 2691


Magnus Carlsen won the 2011 tournament, narrowly beating Lev Aronian on tie-breaks after both finished on 5½/9.  The other returning players from 2011 are Vladimir Kramnik and Hikaru Nakamura.

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