McShane Leads In London

McShane Leads In London

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Luke Mcshane continued his excellent start to the London Chess Classic with an exciting win against Nigel Short in round two.

The former Goldman Sachs trader (pictured) won a complicated clash against Short with the Sicilian Dragon to take the sole lead on 2/2.

Magnus Carlsen hit back after his first round debacle to beat English #1 Mickey Adams in a deep positional game.

Meanwhile Kramnik gave Nakamura a present of a dubious piece sacrifice on the American's 23rd birthday.  Kramnik created as much trouble as possible after that, but was always struggling to demonstrate compensation and eventually had to conceded defeat.

Vishy Anand tried the Sicilian against Howell, but the tournament underdog kept things simple with 3. Bb5+ and despite Anand winning a pawn in the major piece ending, he let any winning chances slip away for the second game in a row.

With the 'Bilbao' scoring system in use (3-1-0), the missed opportunities by Anand could prove very costly.

 Name Nat Elo Pts
 McShane, Luke ENG 2645 6
 Nakamura, Hikaru USA 2741 4
 Kramnik, Vladimir RUS 2791 3
 Adams, Michael ENG 2723 3
 Carlsen, Magnus NOR 2802 3
 Anand, Viswanathan IND 2804 2
 Howell, David ENG 2611 1
 Short, Nigel ENG 2680 0

Why, why, why did I sac a piece? Kramnik suffers in round two...



All smiles for the birthday boy...



IM Lawrence Trent and GM Danny King in the commentary room

Lawrence Trent and Danny King_Rd2.jpg






Round three starts soon at the 'regular' time of 14:00 GMT, and features McShane v Kramnik, Adams v Short, Anand v Carlsen, and Nakamura v Howell.

Let's have even more great games please guys!

All pictures courtesy of Ray Morris-Hill.

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