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Meet The New Norwegian Prodigy

Meet The New Norwegian Prodigy


13 year old Norwegian Aryan Tari made a sensational result in the Open Norwegian Championship scoring a GM norm before ever having made any IM norms.

The 13 year old, FIDE rated at 2293 on the March 2013 list, is considered to be maybe the greatest chess talent in the country since Magnus Carlsen. His best result in Youth Championships is 5th in the World Under 12s. Last year he became the youngest ever Norwegian Junior U20 champion, having just turned 13 years of age.


In the Open Norwegian Championship, Aryan was ranked as 23rd, but finished at 7th place with 6 out of 9 points. Along the way the 13 year old, with parents originating from Iran, scored full points against Norwegian #2 GM Jon Ludvig Hammer (2629), National team member IM Frode Urkedal (2470) and Serbian GM Misa Pap (2511).




With the fantastic result, Aryan picked up a whopping 51 points climbing rapidly towards 2400 Elo. Turning 14 in June, Tari is well on his way becoming one of the youngest players to ever achieve the grandmaster title in chess. Magnus Carlsen himself achieved the title at the age of 13 years and 4 months.

Aryan Tari is leading the group of Norwegian chess talents who are selected to be on one of Norway’s three teams in the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromsø.


Photo: Bjørn Berg Johansen

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