Mikhail Botvinnik 100th Anniversary

Mikhail Botvinnik 100th Anniversary

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Mikhail Botvinnik5.jpgToday is the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik (1911-1995), the sixth World Chess Champion, and one of greatest chess players of the 20th Century.

Botvinnik was a patriarch of modern Soviet chess, and in addition to holding the title for most of the years from 1948-1963, he founded a very successful chess school which tutored many great players including future world champions Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov.

Botvinnik adopted a very serious and scientific approach to his chess studies, despite maintaining a successful career as an electrical engineer in the Soviet Union.

The Russian Chess Federation is marking the occasion with a series of events, including a rapid double round-robin competition from 2-3 September in Moscow between Vishy Anand, Magnus Carlsen, Lev Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik.

But before then, today's anniversary is being marked by a veterans round robin rapid tournament featuring Viktor Korchnoi as top seed.

The standings after 6 rounds:

 Name       Elo Nat Pts
 Korchnoi, Viktor 2553 SUI 5.0
 Portisch, Lajos 2523 HUN 3.5
 Vasiukov, Evgeni 2455 RUS 3.5
 Nikitin, Aleksander S 2430 RUS 3.5
 Chernikov, Oleg L 2402 RUS 2.5
 Uhlmann, Wolfgang 2379 GER 2.5
 Ivkov, Borislav 2416 SRB 2.5
 Zaitsev, Igor A 2408 RUS 2.5
 Bykhovsky, Anatoly A 2354 RUS 2.5
 Taimanov, Mark E 2386 RUS 2.0


The official website with more information (in Russian) is here.




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