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Hey, chess lovers!

Starting this month, we're developing a new good habit and getting louder about recent changes around the site: new features, improvements, and maybe a bug fix here and there.

For good measure, we will also share some metrics from our Support and Fair Play / Sportsmanship teams.

Let's get started with a look at some of the things that occupied our time in May 2019:

Product (Website Changes)

Live Chess

  • Improved Follow behavior to prevent game tabs from multiplying endlessly as new games begin.
  • Checking out Tournaments? Upcoming and In Progress are now easy to see on separate tabs:

Tournament Tabs

  • Improved the "Event Over" result modal for Arenas.
  • Guess the Move is no longer permitted for members with engine lines displayed.
  • Chat messages are now limited to 500 characters.
  • Bullet games are now treated the same as any other game, in terms of your post-game Analysis options.
  • Improved seek-matching logic based on player sportsmanship.
  • Working on tools that will soon auto-adjudicate games after someone disconnects, based on a engine evaluation of the position

Daily Chess

  • When opponents are on Vacation, you can now hover on the label to see how much time they have remaining. (That data is still on the Info tab as well.)

Remaining Vacation Revealed!

  • Adding time-stamps for moves in Daily games, similar to Live games.
  • Fixed a bug in Conditional Moves where the interface stopped responding if the opponent moved while conditional moves were being entered.


  • Added column to clarify total points earned on Club Match leaderboards.


  • Puzzle Rush history now includes the final (unsolved) puzzle in cases where the player timed out (instead of getting three strikes).

The unsolved puzzle - revealed!


  • Changed the way Lessons are ordered and displayed on, based on your previous activity (so you don't lose context).


  • Added video for featured ChessTV broadcasts on the main page and home page.
  • CCC: Added Stockfish kibitzer to show evaluation, depth in the graph.
  • Several improvements to abuse detection and prevention.
  • Gift membership prices are now shown in local currency.
  • Several UI improvements throughout the new Analysis feature, including many changes for mobile web users.
  • Board and move sound improvements.
  • Better Share feature for diagrams and embedded games.
    Chess is for sharingSharing Options

Behind the Scenes:

  • Testing underway at disaster-recovery site.
  • New code deployment system in testing.
  • Almost complete migrating UI from Angular- to Vue-based.
  • Groundwork for future site-wide live chat feature.
  • Improvements to automated bug-tracking.

Sportsmanship and Fair Play:

  • Games reviewed for Fair Play: 66,905,859
  • Accounts reviewed for Fair Play: 2,924,031
  • Accounts closed for Fair Play: 5,545 (eight Titled)
  • Abuse reports received: 276,790
  • Accounts muted for abuse: 29,227
  • Accounts closed for abuse: 20,888


  • Average time to reply: 17 hours, 59 minutes
  • Average quality (by member rating): 9.4 / 10
  • (Total May Ratings: 1429)

That's all for now!

Please let us know what you think of the new month in review summary in the comments. Is it interesting? Is there something missing that you'd like to hear more about? Let us know.

Thank you for your interest, and see you next month!

🗓・June 2019 ⏭

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