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As said before, I could collect a large quantity of good video material last Saturday. Today we experience the tournament online till and including round 9. A loss by Manuel Bosboom or Hans Ree playing: have fun with these rare pieces of material.

Round 6: Bosboom-Lammens

A tough fight, this game. Don't be bothered too much about Bosboom's reaction afterwards; like any top sportsman he's not quite fond of losing but he's always smiling soon afterwards and a very sportive guy.

Round 7: Ree-Van der Weide

Hans Ree's hair had grown a bit more grey, but the moves were allright. Absolutely. He's outplaying Van der Weide in the ending, but then gives away one pawn too much when the rook ending is drawn.

Round 8: Van Haastert-Bosboom (& Van Delft-Smerdon)

A nice, spectacular little video with two boards.

Round 8: Van den Doel-Van Delft

Sports is tough. It wasn't Van den Doel's tournament, which can really be seen in this game. Watch how cool Van Delft plays his last move.

Round 9: Reinderman-Van Haastert

Watch Reinderman's deep calculation. Now that's defending! In blitz you're lucky when as Black you can get away with a piece down but White did win the game.

Round 9: Van Delft-Bosboom

Well yes, a draw too. If you know how to win this ending, let us know. To me, after Nf3-g1 (holding back the Black king), it shortly reminded me of the way Karsten M?ɬºller analysed the first match game Kramnik-Deep Fritz to a win.

More tomorrow!
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