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The header of this post couldn't have been different. In Sarajevo, Alexander Morozevich proved once again how easily he can beat 2600 players, and won with one and a half point difference.

In the six-player double round robin "Bosna 2008" Morozevich had started with a smashing 6 out of 7 and we started to wonder what that would mean for the next FIDE rating list of July 1st. Theoretically Moro could even become the new no. 1 by winning his last three games but instead he decided to draw them all.

Thanks to his 2nd place in Sarajevo (and his 1st place at the Capablanca Memorial last month), the best Cuban player Leinier Dominguez Perez will become a member of the 2700 club in July.

On the other side of the standings we see Ivan Sokolov finishing last. The Sarajevo-born Dutch grandmaster hasn't been playing much lately and had a heard time in his motherland. In the first half he drew everybody, but in the second half he could only add half a point and lost to Morozevich, Movsesian, Timofeev and Predojevic.


Since there won't be finishing any top events before the deadline of that new rating list, the Hans Arild Runde's "live list" is quite realistic now:


Also from the Bosna organizers we received lots of photos (see for example the previous report) but these ones are not of the best quality unfortunately. But here are three more anyway, with all six players:

P1010001 Morozevich vs Dominguez

01 Sokolov vs Timofeev

P1010003 Movsesian - Predojevic

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