Moskalenko Wins Titled Train Wreck; Additional Tournament Next Week
Moskalenko won a train wreck of a Titled Tuesday.

Moskalenko Wins Titled Train Wreck; Additional Tournament Next Week

| 29 | News apologizes to all of its fans and players for December 2017's Titled Train Wreck (Titled Dumpster Fire?).

To sum up the technical difficulties, we first experienced a bug in which players that premoved their first move before the start of the game effectively forfeited their games. Enough players were affected that we decided to restart the tournament, but to do that, we had to submit the reset tournament command directly to the server. Submitting the command this way opened the event to all players, not just titled players.

Our fearless leader summed up the experience well:

While it pains us deeply to provide a sub-par experience to ours users and fans, sometimes all you can do is call it what it is and get better! Which we will. Thanks to all for your patience and understanding as we continue to improve the site.

To make it up, next Tuesday (Dec. 12), will hold an additional Titled Tuesday!

While the participation of hundreds of untitled players in this event was unintended , we are excited to see so much enthusiasm! Watch for an announcement soon about new prize tournaments open to all in 2018!

In spite of these kerfuffles, great chess was played, and numerous non-titled players got their shot at a GM – making it our first ever "Un-Titled Titled Tuesday."

Amazing Checkmate by GM Boris Savchenko

There were many wonderful games yesterday, but GM Savchenko stole the show with this beautiful checkmate!

Some Glorious Finishes

With so many players competing, it was impossible for players to set themselves far apart from the pack for most of event. However, if no single score made an impression on us, these three finishes did! First GM Georg Meier demonstrated some of his renowned endgame technique to defeat GM Marcin Dziuba.

Next, we liked this humorous finish by the infamous NM Aaron Jacobsen (viral Titled Tuesday troll) who took advantage of an excessive desire to win from his IM opponent. Ultimately, he had an incredible day and tied for second.

Finally, GM Daniele Vocaturo defeated GM Sandro Mareco by initiating a classical king hunt.

Will Blitzstream Win It All?

Last month Kevin Bordi went viral when he drew against Magnus Carlsen playing the Grob. With his taste for glory only partially sated, Bordi returned in power this month scoring 8/9 and leading with clear first with one round to go!

Bordi stayed true to the opening that brought him thus far playing the Grob again. The game featured many reversals with the advantage changing hands multiple times before the game reached a shocking finale.

With that surprising victory on time, IM Alexander Moskalenko became the only player to reach 8.5/10, claiming clear first for the first time in Titled Tuesday! When is this 2500-IM gonna get his hands on a GM title?!

Final Standings | MasterClass Titled Tuesday Blitz, December 2017

Place Rk Fed Title Username Name Score
1 7 IM Alexander_Moskalenko Александр Москаленко 8.5
2 41 GM chito89 Axel Bachmann 8
3 22 IM Rsnr Arseny Kukhmazov 8
4 20 FM shrekdavid David Gorodetzky 8
5 2 GM GeorgMeier Georg Meier 8
6 176 NM 1random Aaron Jacobson 8
7 77 GM yurisolo Yuri Solodovnichenko 8
8 66 NM Blitzstream Kevin Bordi 8
9 115 IM robbykevlishvili Robby Kevlishvili 8
10 162 NM TheDragonKing101 Derek Sachs 7.5
11 10 GM Msb2 7.5
12 8 GM Diwi89 Daniele Vocaturo 7.5
13 14 GM jcibarra José Carlos Ibarra Jerez 7.5
14 63 IM JoachimBN Joachim B Nilsen 7.5
15 13 GM OparinGrigoriy Grigoriy Oparin 7.5
16 177 IM pulvettd Daniel Eduardo 7.5
17 21 GM bs86 Boris Savchenko 7.5

Find the full Titled Tuesday results and crosstable here.

GM Eric Hansen provided commentary on the entire event, showing enthusiasm as only the inaugural ChessBrah can! Find the full stream on and

IM Alexander Moskalenko claimed the $500 first prize entirely for himself. In an eight-way tie for second, GMs Axel Bachman, Georg Meier, Yury Solodovnichenko, IMs Arseny KukhmazovRobby Kevlishvili, FM David Gorodetzky, and NMs Aaron Jacobson and Kevin Bordi all received $112.50. For the first time, the $100 streamers' prize will be decided by a fan vote! Cast your vote on Twitter for your favorite stream!

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