MTel Masters Round 2

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Poor Chucky. Maybe he's playing too much chess and needs a break for his own good.

In round 2 at the Mtel Masters, Ivanchuk lost a game with White against Wang Yue in a game he really should have drawn.

Full credit to Wang Yue for finding a very subtle quasi-stalemate idea to win the game in real style.

That's two White's and two losses - a far cry from his dominating 5-0 start to last year's event.

Elsewhere, Carlsen and Dominguez had a entertaining scrap, which ended in a repetition of moves, while Topalov easily put paid to any attacking ideas Shirov may have had by playing the Berlin.

Shirov avoided the main line, but it was Topalov who held a slight edge, although the game was eventually drawn.

The standings after 2 rounds:

 Carlsen, Magnus    NOR    2770  1½  
 Wang Yue   CHN   2738  1½ 
 Shirov, Alexei   ESP   2745  1½ 
 Dominguez Perez, Leinier   CUB   2717  1
 Topalov, Veselin   BUL   2812  ½ 
 Ivanchuk, Vassily   UKR   2746  0



Chess as a spectator sport...crowds watching the players in the glass cube (pics from the official site)

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