Much to enjoy in Malm?ɬ?

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So far there has been much to enjoy Malm?ɬ? at the Sigeman & Co Tournament. As I wrote before, with such an field of enterprising participants a very interesting tournament is assured. Tournament organizers should probably try to take into account that when you invite at least one of players such as Berg, Timman, Hector or Hillarp Persson, you're sure of a certain degree of spectacle. It might be a good preventive medicine against the short draw virus too.

We left the Sigeman & Co Tournament after the first round, last Wednesday. The main game of the second round was Timman-Hector, where Black, true to his style, tried a very rare gambit.

From the third round the encouter Hector-Berg should not be missed:

And then in the fourth round it became very clear that Emanuel Berg is in very good shape.

...which cannot be said of Jan Timman, the winner of last year. He lost to Negi today:

Next report we'll talk more about Cheparinov, who's already leading the field comfortably with one point clear.

Standings after round 5:

   1. Cheparinov                            4
 2-3. Hillarp Persson, Berg                 3
 4-7. Kotronias, l'Ami, Negi, Carlsson    2,5
   8. Timman                                2
9-10. Hermansson, Hector                    1

Jan Timman

Ivan Cheparinov

Emanuel Berg & Vassilios Kotronias analysing

Stellan Brynell giving commentary

Emil Hermansson & Pontus Carlsson analysing

Tiger Hillarp Persson & Pontus Carlsson analysing
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