MVL, Nakamura Headline PRO Chess League All-Stars Sept. 8
You won't want to miss the best of the best in the PRO Chess League.

MVL, Nakamura Headline PRO Chess League All-Stars Sept. 8

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Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Hikaru Nakamura are the biggest names in the first ever All Stars event of the PRO Chess League. The 2018 season's final event is set for September 8.

You'll surely remember the hard-fought victory of the Armenia Eagles in the PRO Chess League finals earlier this year in San Francisco—but that was not all. A last, final event on September 8 will close the season with more great chess!

The inaugural PRO Chess League All Stars event gives fans the chance to see their favorites play one more time in an exciting elimination format, with a $5,000 prize fund. 

The event will take place on the live server, with a live broadcast with commentary by GM Eric Hansen and IM Danny Rensch  on and

So how were the players selected?

Three players from each division were chosen by league officials based on their play throughout the 2018 season. A fourth player from each division was chosen by fan vote.


Two of the most recent 'competitors' in the Speed Chess Championship will now be teammates, as Vidit Gujarathi and Zaven Andriasyan look to win the first PCL All Stars for the Eastern Division.

So, all four divisions have a four-player team for a total of 16 players competing in the all-star tournament. The following PRO Chess League All Stars have confirmed their participation:

PCL All Stars | Participants

Fed Name Team Division
Hrant Melkumyan Armenia Eagles Eastern
Zaven Andriasyan Armenia Eagles Eastern
Georg Meier Stockholm Snowballs Central
Anton Smirnov Australia Kangaroos Pacific
Alexandr Shimanov Webster Windmills Atlantic
Gawain Jones London Towers Central
Luka Lenic Ljubljana Turtles Central
Alexey Dreev San Diego Surfers Pacific
Abhijeet Gupta Delhi Dynamite Eastern
Maxime Vachier Lagrave Marseille Migraines Central
Alex Lenderman Montclair Sopranos Atlantic
Vidit Gujrathi Mumbai Movers Eastern
Hikaru Nakamura Seattle Sluggers Pacific
Eduardo Iturrizaga Miami Champions Atlantic
Le Quang Liem Webster Windmills Atlantic
Jeffery Xiong Dallas Destiny Pacific


Xiong, a late substitution for Yu Yangyi, looks to make Dallas proud for the Pacific Division.

The All Stars tournament will begin with a round-robin where every player plays one game against everyone from the other three teams, for a total of 12 games. After this, a series of elimination matches starts that eventually leads to the winner. More details about the format can be found here.

pro all star prizes

Note that the 2019 season will be kicked off on November 3 with the big qualifier tournament for any team that did not earn an automatic spot in last year's regular season! This will be a 15-round Swiss with 3|2 blitz games. For entering your team for the 2019 season, find the qualifier rules here.

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Who will you be rooting for in the PRO Chess League all-star tournament? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tune in on at or

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