Najer wins President's Cup

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After the Grand Prix, a very strong open tournament was held in Baku: the President's Cup, also dedicated to Heydar Aliyev. The Russian Grandmaster Evgeniy Najer emerged as the winner.

The President's Cup was organized for the third time and took place from May 11th to 21st 2008 in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the Open Tournament 180 participants were playing for a prize fund of US $85,000. A Children's U-14 and a Seniors Tournament were also held.

The field was an interesting mix of young talents and (very!) experienced grandmaster. The second category included players such as Nigel Short, Jan Timman and, yes, Viktor Korchnoi. The living legend played an excellent tournament and occupied the third board in the last round, where he lost to first seeded Vadim Milov.

Here's a crucial game of this tournament.


speelzaal The playing hall

korchnoi_with_wife The Korchnoi couple under a typically huge portrait of Heydar Aliyev

loek_turkan Turkan Mamedyarova (one of Shakh's sisters) - Loek van Wely

short-beliavsky Alexander Beliavsky - Nigel Short

milov Vadim Milov

naiditsch Arkadij Naiditsch, during the Grand Prix the second of Etienne Bacrot

kazhgaleyev Murtas Kazhgaleyev during the Grand Prix the second of Ernesto Inarkiev

najer And the winner is... Evgeniy Najer

Photos by Farid Khayrulin of "FGF Digital STUDIO"


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