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Nakamura & Kasparov: It's Official!

Nakamura & Kasparov: It's Official!

   After all the rumors, hearsay, and everyone thinking about what they know or don't know, it's just been confirmed: Garry Kasparov and Hikaru Nakamura are working together!

   An article in this month's New In Chess magazine has the details behind the latest, and possibly one of the greatest, team-ups in chess history. Interviewed by journalist Macauley Peterson, American GM and now #10-rated in the world, Hikaru Nakamura, speaks at length about this long-talked-about and rumored story.

   If you subscribe to New In Chess magazine, your mailbox will soon house an historic issue containing the salivating details, including information on Gary Kasparov’s coaching of World #1-ranked Magnus Carlsen.

   The chess world will seriously speculate what the future holds for Nakamura, now that it has been officially announced he is being coached by perhaps the greatest chess player in history. Is there the possibility of Naka competing in the upcoming World Championship Cycle or one not too far off in the future? Will the next batch or two of Candidates matches feature BOTH Naka and Magnus?

   What doesn’t need speculation is that the next few years in chess should prove to be very interesting and exciting!

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