Nakamura Beats Nisipeanu At Bazna

Nakamura Beats Nisipeanu At Bazna

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Hikaru Nakamura profited from a blunder from Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu to win the only decisive game of the second round at the Bazna Kings tournament in Medias, Romania.

It was a tragic end for the Romanian who held his own until miscalculating at the second time control with 60...f3? which lost quickly.

Magnus Carlsen easily equalised against Vasilly Ivanchuk in a Ruy Lopez, with the game ending drawn after 33 moves.

Teimour Radjabov probed Sergey Karjakin's defences for a long time in a blocked position, but no amount of manoeuvring could break through and the game was drawn after 90 moves.

Round 3 tomorrow will be Carlsen v Radjabov, Nisipeanu v Ivanchuk, and Karjakin v Nakamura.

The standings after two rounds:

 Carlsen, Magnus  NOR 2815
 Ivanchuk, Vassily  UKR 2776
 Karjakin, Sergey  RUS 2776 1
 Nakamura, Hikaru  USA 2774 1
 Radjabov, Teimour  AZE 2744 ½
 Nisipeanu, Liviu-Dieter  ROU 2659 ½





Games start at 15:30 local time (12:30 UTC) except the last round which is 2 hours earlier.  There are rest days on 15 and 20 June.

The time control is 2 hours for the first 40 moves, 60 minutes for the next 20 moves, then 15 minutes to finish with a 30 second increment after move 60.

The official site with live broadcasts of the games is here, and the full draw can be found here.

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