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The winner was known already when the rest of the tournament was still playing. Therefore a final report of Gibraltar 2008, including Nakamura's speech on video (now complete).

The tournament has finished and there are many successes to mention. Some older participants, like Robert Bellin (scoring a GM norm!) and Jon Speelman (winning 27 rating points!) had fine tournaments.

The other two GM norms were scored by Zong-Yuan Zhao (this you already knew) and Viktorija Cmylite. Max Devereaux, Shen Yang, Zhao Xue, Joachim Thomassen and Ismael Karim scored IM norms.

Don't miss John Saunders's wonderful last report on the tournament website.

On a personal note, I must say I have really enjoyed to be present during the final four rounds of the Gibraltar. It's a special tournament, a personal, social one, where it seems to be easier than normal to meet new friends. I can recommend it to every chess player who is of the opinion that a fine atmosphere is a tournament's biggest asset.

After returning to Amsterdam, I created the final video on the prize giving ceremony, which includes Nakamura's full speech:


In the video you can see that Mikhalevsky and Ly together won the brilliancy prize for this game:


Full final standings here.

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