Nakamura Wins BNBank Blitz

Nakamura Wins BNBank Blitz

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Hikaru Nakamura was top seed by some distance at the BNBank Blitz tournament in Oslo, Norway, and duly won, but not without a fight in the final.

The opening stage featured two groups of six players in double round-robin contests, with the top two from each group reaching the semi-finals.

The results were:

1  Nakamura, Hikaru USA 2741 10.0
2  Lahno, Kateryna UKR 2522 6.5
3  Royset, Jon K. NOR 2180 5.0
4  Daskevics, Vadims LAT 2461 4.5
5  Muhsen, Abdulla.mohmmed IRQ 2185 4.0
6  Schmidt, Joshua Paul NOR 1428


1  Agdestein, Simen NOR 2570 8.5
2  Johannessen, Leif Erlend NOR 2514 7.5
3  Hobber, Anders NOR 2196 4.5
4  Kovachev, Daniel Jakobsen NOR 2307 4.0
5  Houska, Jovanka ENG 2421 3.0
6  Olsen, Anders NOR 2081 2.5


In the semi-finals Simen Agdestein just overcame Kateryna Lahno 3-2, while Nakamura blew away Lief Johannessen 3-0, which took his overall results at that point to 13/13!

However, the final between Nakamura and Agdestein went down to an armageddon match, before the H-Bomb claimed a 3-2 victory.

In the 3/4th playoff Lahno beat Johannessen in a another Armageddon decider.

Sadly, some of the game scores are currently incomplete or unavailable (a common hazard for blitz games) including the Armageddon match in the final.

Joshua Schimdt is an amateur player who won his place in the event with a 2,200 NK bid (approx 360 USD) and lost every game, but probably had a great time nonetheless!   Both his games with Nakamura are below.





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