Nanjing Round Two

Nanjing Round Two

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Three tough battles in Nanjing ended all-square in round two, leaving Magnus Carlsen as the sole leader.

Carlsen managed to avoid too much pain from the "Spanish Torture" of Anand.  Eschewing the Sicilian defence, Maggie clearly felt like playing a more solid line today and achieved a draw after 44 moves.




Gashimov avoided his favourite Benoni in favour of the Queen's Indian against Wang Yue, but a lively battle arose anyway with chances for both sides.  In the full spirit of the Sofia anti-draw rules, the players ended with bare kings after 5 hours.




Topalov took the game to Bacrot despite having the black pieces, but the Frenchman escaped to the security of an opposite-coloured bishop ending to ensure the half point.


The crunch game of round three pits Topalov with the white pieces against Anand. Carlsen will try to break down Wang Yue's defences, and Gashimov will take on Bacrot.


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