Naroditsky Wins Clash Of Streamers
Naroditsky is second on the all-time Bullet Brawl leaderboard with 14 titles to his name. Photo: Benjamin Robson.

Naroditsky Wins Clash Of Streamers

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Daniel Naroditsky took the $400 first prize in March's final Bullet Brawl on Saturday, winning 73 games en route to a mammoth score of 261. Claiming his fourth title of the year and 14th in Bullet Brawl history, Naroditsky emphatically finished 27 points ahead of Vietnam's GM Tuan Minh Le and 40 points ahead of the third-placed Ukrainian GM Oleksandr Bortnyk.

Winning the best women's prize was Poland's WGM Aleksandra Maltsevskaya whose 15th-placed finish earned her $100, while 77 wins secured "OneManArmmy" first place in the community event.

April's first Bullet Brawl will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2024, at noon ET/18:00 CEST.


Rank Fed Title Name Username Rating Score
1 GM Daniel Naroditsky DanielNaroditsky 3232 261
2 GM Tuan Minh Le wonderfultime 3136 234
3 GM Oleksandr Bortnyk Oleksandr_Bortnyk 3159 221
4 IM Yoseph Taher yosephtaher 3060 216
5 GM David Paravyan dropstoneDP 3170 196
6 GM Eric Hansen hansen 3050 186
7 IM Renato Terry MITerryble 3054 166
8 GM Sergei Zhigalko Zhigalko_Sergei 3009 153
9 IM Jakub Kosakowski Kosak12 2870 139
10 FM Gabriel Arteaga Gravity_Chess 2944 131
11 CM Eqor Baskakov stollenmonster 2829 124
12 FM Alen Yeremyan Alen_Yeremyann 2842 119
13 GM Falko Bindrich Janosik 2804 118
14 IM Alexander Gelman GelmanAlexander 2707 111
15 WGM Aleksandra Maltsevskaya Sanyura 2734 106
16 FM Christian Gian Karlo Arca ChristianArca 2672 96
17 IM Meri Arabidze Meri-Arabidze 2648 93
18 IM Gianmarco Leiva GianmarcoVaR 2718 93
19 NM Sean Senft Road2GM3000 2618 92
20 FM Rob Schoorl Zgorl 2705 91
(Full final standings here)

Content creators dominated the latest iteration of Bullet Brawl. Five of the top-six placing players are Twitch partners or affiliates: Naroditsky, Le, Bortnyk, IM Yoseph Taher, and Chessbrah's Eric Hansen.

Hansen put in a strong performance to score 186. Photo: Maria Emelianova/

Topping the group was Naroditsky, who carved up a Nakamura-less Bullet Brawl by focusing on game volume. The speedster worked his way through 87 games during the two-hour arena and scored 74.5/87, defeating the likes of Hansen, Bortnyk, and GM Harika Dronavalli along the way.

Blitz matches against's current number-one in bullet GM Nihal Sarin and 2024 Candidates Tournament hopeful GM Alireza Firouzja earlier in the day were the perfect warmups for the Charlotte-based creator, and it was no surprise to see Naroditsky whip out multiple top-level brilliancies in the subsequent event.

Naroditsky's best play came in the middle section of the arena.

Competing for the top women's prize, Maltsevskaya faced tough opposition but convincingly took the prize ahead of Dronavalli and multi-time winner IM Meri Arabidze after securing 39 wins and two draws. 

The 11th highest-rated women's player Dronavalli played Bullet Brawl for the second week in a row. Photo: Maria Emelianova/

A rook sacrifice in the latter stages of the arena against Arabidze allowed Maltsevskaya to stamp her authority on the prize, leaving her Georgian rival's king in tatters. The category has been almost monopolized by Arabidze and IMs Karina Ambartsumova and Polina Shuvalova since its inception, and recent winners have started to rewrite the narrative in style.

With 482 players taking part in Saturday's titled and community arenas, a near-record, Bullet Brawl is the best place to fine-tune your bullet skills against the best of the best. Whether you're titled or untitled, make sure you sign up for next week's event!

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Bullet Brawl is an exciting new titled arena that features's top bullet specialists and takes place weekly on Saturdays. The format is a two-hour arena with a 1+0 time control; the prize fund is $1,000.

Much like Titled Tuesday and Arena Kings, Bullet Brawl often features top GMs, including Hikaru Nakamura, Daniel Naroditsky, Andrew Tang, Tuan Minh Le, and many more!

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