Narrow Lead For China In Friendly Match Against India

Narrow Lead For China In Friendly Match Against India

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After five of eight rounds in total China leads 10.5-9.5 vs India in a friendly match in Hydebarad. Two 2700s play, both for China: GM Ding Liren and GM Wei Yi.

The match between India and China can be seen as a preparation for both countries for the upcoming World Team Championship. This tournament takes place 18-29 April in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia between Russia, China, Hungary, India, USA, Egypt, Ukraine, Armenia, Cuba and Israel.

The two Asian participants are currently playing a match that follows the double Scheveningen system: each player on one team plays each player on the other team twice.

The India-China summit is held 1-10 March at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India. The prize fund totals one million rupees (14,688 Euro or US $15,927).

The match is one between two medalists from the last Olympiad: China won gold, while India went home with bronze, behind Hungary. However, compared to that event India is missing their board one Parimarjan Negi, while China didn't bring Wang Yue, Yu Yangyi and Ni Hua.

Here are the ones who are playing in Hyderabad:

2015 India-China Summit | Participants

China Rating India Rating
1 Ding Liren 2755 Krishnan Sasikiran 2682
2 Wei Yi 2706 Baskaran Adhiban 2646
3 Zhou Jianchao 2578 SP Sethuraman 2623
4 Wang Chen 2500 Babu Lalith 2556

The summit lasts eight rounds, and at the time of writing five have been played. 

In the first round world number 14 GM Ding Liren made the difference. He beat former world under-16 champion GM Baskaran Adhiban of India rather easily; Adhiban clearly needed to warm up a bit!

This gave 
China a 2.5-1.5 lead, but the next round India levelled the score with again three draws and one decisive game. GM Babu Lalith defeated IM Wang Chen as Black from what started as an equal ending:

Lalith was too strong for Wang in round 2. | Photo official website.

The next day the host country took the lead in a round that saw three higher rated players lose their games. Especially GM Baskaran Adhiban's win over GM Wei Yi was remarkable; it seems that only one inaccuracy from Black was enough to reach a lost position. Well played by the Indian GM!

In the same match GM Krishnan Sasikiran suffered a surprising loss to IM Wang Chen, while GM Ding Liren also went down as White, against GM Babu Lalith.

In round 4 it was China's turn again. This mini-match was won 2.5-1.5, and so, at half time, the two teams were tied with 4 match points each 8 game points. 

IM Wang Chen also managed to win his white game versus GM Krishnan Sasikiran — quite an upset to score 2-0 against this opponent! Doesn't China have enough young and talented players? Wink

Wang Chen. | Photo official website.

After a rest day on Friday the summit continued on Saturday. It was China who took the lead again with another 2.5-1.5 victory. Poor Sasikiran is having a bad week:

Enough drinks for the players in Hyderabad where it's above 30 degrees Celsius outside. | Photo official website.

2015 India-Chima Summit | Scores Rounds 1-5

Krishnan Sasikiran Baskaran Adhiban SP Sethuraman Babu Lalith Pts
Ding Liren 1 01
Wei Yi ½0 ½½ ½ 2
Zhou Jianchao ½½ 1
Wang Chen 11 0 ½0
Total 10½
Ding Liren Wei Yi Zhou Jianchao Wang Chen Pts
Krishnan Sasikiran 0 ½½ 00 1
Baskaran Adhiban 0 2
SP Sethuraman ½½ ½1 1
Babu Lalith 10 ½ ½1 3

Three more rounds will be played in Hyderabad, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

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