Navara-Short & Jackov?ɬ°-Timman

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Today two rapid chess matches start in Prague, between the two strongest Czech players and two former world championship contenders. Nigel Short plays Ordix Open winner David Navara (hopefully Short recovered from his illness that forced him to withdraw, after round 6, from the Banyoles Chess Festival last week.) WGM Jana Jackov?ɬ°, the best Czech female chess player, will play against Jan Timman.

Update 12.38 CET: it is confirmed that Nigel will play this afternoon, despite the fact that he still suffers from back problems.

The festival is called ?Ñ?íez Chess Trophy 2007 and ten games will be played: the first two days normal rapid chess with 20 minutes on the clock and 5 seconds per move. On Saturday they will play four games of Chess960 (presumably with the same time control).

The schedule:

Thursday, August 30

16.15 CET Rapid game 1 17.15 CET Rapid game 2 18.15 CET Rapid game 3

Friday, August 31

16.00 CET Rapid game 4 17.00 CET Rapid game 5 18.00 CET Rapid game 6

Saturday, September 1

14.00 CET Chess960 game 1 15.00 CET Chess960 game 2

17.00 CET Chess960 game 3 18.00 CET Chess960 game 4

If you happen to be in in the neighbourhood: the organizers also invited the Czech chess legend Lubom?ɬ?r Kav?ɬ°lek who will comment on the games in Prague. For everybody else: live games here.
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