New Animated Emoji On

New Animated Emoji On

| 102 | News invites you to try out different ways to express your chess with our three newest features! We are rolling out more emoji with Quick Chat, Board Emoji, and Reactions. We designed these features to make your chess experience even more fun and to allow you to express yourself in unique ways on!

Here's a list of the features that we're releasing:

Quick Chat

Quick Chat allows members to communicate easily with emoji during games. Premium members have the added ability to use animated emoji to interact with their opponents!

You can use the Quick Chat function by clicking the chat bubble next to your clock when you're playing a game. Once you select the emoji you want to share, just click it, and your opponent will be able to see it.

Express Your Chess Quick Chat
Use the Quick Chat function by clicking the chat bubble icon next to your clock.

Board Emoji

Board Emoji allow members to add traditional chess annotations, emotes, and animations directly onto the chessboard. This new feature is perfect for those who are streaming, creating videos, or who want to add some extra fun to their games.

Members can use this new feature by holding down the "e" key and left-clicking one of the board's squares. After that, players can choose between annotations, animated emotes, or square markers, which plays an animation once a piece lands on the square or the player removes it manually.

Express Your Chess Board Emotes
You can use animated emotes directly on the chessboard.

Community Contest

To celebrate the release of board emoji, ran a contest to reward the most creative content creators who used board emoji on a video or blog post.

To participate, members incorporated the board emoji feature in their live streams, videos, or blogs, and then shared their content on Twitter with #expressyourchess.

We awarded three winners in the stream and video categories and one winner in the blog category with $500 for a total of $2,000 in prizes. Submissions closed at 11:59 PT on September 30 and the winners were:


Reactions allow members to add reactions to comments on's Forums, News, Articles, and more! This feature is an excellent tool for giving feedback on other member's posts and letting people know what you think about their content.

Express Your Chess New Features
You can now react to numerous posts on site.

To use this feature, you just need to hover over a comment and click the icon with a smiley face with a plus sign and select the desired reaction. All reactions will be visible for other members to see!

Express Your Chess Reactions New Feature
Click the smiley face with a plus sign to react to posts.

What is your favorite new feature? Let us know in the comment section below!

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