New ChessKid Adventure App Released
ChessKid's newest offering, the ChessKid Adventure App, makes learning chess even more fun as your character goes on chess quests and beats "bosses" to advance.

New ChessKid Adventure App Released

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ChessKid Adventure App Now Available, Adds to ChessKid's Offerings

Palo Alto, Calif., April 8, 2021: ChessKid, the scholastic branch of, is excited to announce its newest app, ChessKid Adventure. With ChessKid Adventure, players can experience a magical world of quests and different characters. This new and improved experience will help kids learn and master chess!

ChessKid Adventure is an addition to the already available ChessKid app. Now kids can have twice as much fun, either on iOS (click here to download) or Android (click here to download).

ChessKid Adventure

Kids will learn how to play and master chess with the help of animated and lovable characters that will guide them through six quests and over 200 mini-challenges. They will also be able to collect gold coins along the way and exchange them for fun costumes and outfits to customize their characters. With all those features, ChessKid Adventure keeps beginners even more engaged throughout their learning process!

ChessKid Adventure

After learning the rules, you will be able to play against other kids on a platform built for privacy and security. Kids will play in the ChessKid server, the largest chess server in the world that is safe for kids, with no personal information displayed and no free-form chat.

ChessKid Adventure

Players will be able to improve their skills by challenging more than 40 unique mythical characters, with 15 different difficulty levels. They will learn each character's backstories and then try to defeat them on their own to win coins and prizes.

ChessKid Adventure

And the best part? ChessKid memberships work with ChessKid Adventure! Kids can use their ChessKid username and password to log in to ChessKid Adventure. All the benefits of your kid's Gold Membership extend to ChessKid Adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ChessKid Adventure different from ChessKid?

ChessKid Adventure presents chess to kids in a new and fun way. Our already tried-and-tested features such as live games, puzzles, and lessons are all in the app—but built into a magical world of fantastic creatures. Both ChessKid and ChessKid Adventure are designed to help kids learn, play, and enjoy the game of chess. 

While there are many stylistic differences between ChessKid and ChessKid Adventure, the main difference is that ChessKid Adventure is solely for individuals and is only available on mobile (iOS and Android) devices. On the other hand, ChessKid is built for a broader audience. It works on mobile and web browsers, and both individuals and organizations (such as schools, clubs, associations, etc.) can enjoy it.

If you already know and love the ChessKid app, there is nothing to worry about. We plan to not only keep but also continue to improve both!

Should my kid play ChessKid or ChessKid Adventure?

Let your ChessKid decide! Both apps are built with kids in mind so they can learn and have fun while playing chess. However, if your child has assigned lessons or is part of a club or school-sponsored group, those features are only a part of ChessKid, not ChessKid Adventure. 

Do I need to buy a separate membership for ChessKid Adventure?

No. You can log in to ChessKid Adventure using your ChessKid account. Your Gold Membership on ChessKid will be available to you on ChessKid Adventure.

What is unique about ChessKid Adventure?

Our priority is to make it fun for kids to learn and play chess in all of our apps. ChessKid Adventure takes it to the other level because while chess is still the focal point, kids also get to experience a magical world of animated characters, quests, coins, etc. Their experience becomes more engaging, enhancing their learning experience.

How can I download the ChessKid Adventure app?

You can download the iOS version here and the Android version is here.


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