New Club Chat

New Club Chat

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Hello Beta Testers!!

We are happy to announce that we have a new version of our Club Chat. It is only available in Beta club so if you are a member of other clubs it will not be visible there. As always we really appreciate your feedback so let me share some info about it so you can start.   

I did attempt to create a good screenshot full of meaningful chat topics and cool smileys but my fellow staff members didn't really oblige and were sending random stuff all over the place.  

New Chat in all its glory 

User list
New user list on the right has the standard user counter we had before but now we have a few new items. Search box where you can type a username and find filter the list realtime if you need to check wether someone is there or you wanna access their popup. We also support flair now and have some new moderation tools which will help make chat a better place for everyone. If you don't fancy seeing user list, you can easily close it. 

Main chat window
In here you will also have flair as before but overall performance should be a bit better. We now also support archiving last 100 messages so instead of hitting blank chat every time you come back, you will see some history and context if you wanna engage in an ongoing conversation. Emojies are there too and we also introduced a setting "cog" in the top right if you want to filter the conversation to show your friends only, or titled players. 

We still have some stuff to do including minor bugfixes and building a "dark mode" look for those that prefer that, but we hope 90% is done. As i said, looking forward to your feedback via "Help" in the bottom left from where you can suggest or report a bug. 


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