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Wow, that's a bit of a shock, isn't it? No, you haven't typed in the wrong address, this really is ChessVibes, but in a new jacket. But why, for heaven's sake? We'll explain.

We wanted something new, but that probably won't be enough answer for you. So let's point out the advantages compared to the old design:
  • We'll make no secret of it: there's more space for advertisements. In the header, for example, there's space for standard banner size of 468x60 px. You probably couldn't care less, but for us it's important, to be able to run and expand the site further. In this design, the ads don't stand out too much, we hope.

  • There's more space (as in: width) for the articles. Not on the home page, where they are slightly tighter, but when you've clicked on them they are (when you're reading this you know what this is about). This extra space can be used for all kinds of things.

  • This design has a more 'news site feel'. For a while now, we have been more than just a personal blog, and now we hope to be able to combine the advantages of both types of sites. On the one hand, you can know spot very quickly what's new (under 'Latest News'), without having to scroll all the way down. On the other hand the comment box is still there, so the site is still interactive.

  • We had been planning to add some new features that were difficult to implement in the old design. Examples of new stuff: 'Latest news elsewhere' (an RSS feed of the most important chess sites in the English language - this you'll find on the home page in the central column), 'Our videos' (we'll probably put our latest videos from Wijk aan Zee there too), 'Latest uploads to Flickr' (here you will always see our latest photos) and 'Quick contact'. We'd like to stimulate contact with our visitors, because many of you probably have good ideas for articles often, or perhaps you've written a good piece yourself, or you've got a simple link tip. Let us know!

  • The new design opens quicker in your browser, and is also more suitable for a number of new features we're planning to add. Later more about that.

Hopefully you feel at home soon, in this new neighbourhood. And, don't hesitate to give criticism, because one can always do better.
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