New dilemma for Kramnik (update)

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Again a huge dilemma has been delivered at Kramnik's doormat. Two months ago there was the difficult choice of leaving the reunification match against Topalov, or to continue with a loss by default in game 5. Now, the unified world champion from Russia has to decide whether he will play in the Wch tournament in Mexico next year. According to ever-optimistic Kirsan Ilyumzhinov the participation of Kramnik is a fact already, but naturally there's only one person we would like to hear confirming this.

Ilyumzhinov brought the news of Kramnik's participation yesterday in an interview with Yury Vasiliev at, thus far only available in Russian. According to Mig "There were extensive negotiations about this going on behind the scenes, not all of them friendly. There will now likely be a new contract signed, perhaps at a public press conference.'

In the interview Vasiliev also asked the FIDE-president whether Kramnik was obliged to first play a return match against Veselin Topalov. Ilhumzhinov said that FIDE has not received any official offer from the Bulgarian side. According to Topalov's fansite, last week, at the blindfold event in Bilbao, Topalov's team said that they would present the documents for a return match with Kramnik within a week. "Danailov says that the FIDE central expects the official documents and that the match is supposed to take place in April."

And so it looks like we can expect a reaction to Ilyumzhinov's statement by Kramnik and Topalov soon. For Kramnk the choice is not easy: by participating he would make most of the chess fans happy, but in doing so he could lose his title within a year, and furthermore it would make FIDE stronger in their policy of ruling out Wch matches and organize tournaments instead. However, according to their recent proposal, FIDE seems to get back on track with that one.

Update 15 December, 09.30 hrs: Topalov's fansite was right because yesterday the Topalov team did send a letter to FIDE with a request for a rematch:

To Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: FIDE President CC: Mr.Georgios Makropolous: FIDE Deputy President CCO: FIDE Presidential Board

Official Proposal for World Championship match Kramnik-Topalov Dear All,

This is an official proposal for World Championship match Kramnik-Topalov, according to the FIDE regulations.

Patron of the match will be the President of Bulgaria Mr.Georgi Purvanov.

Place of the match: Sofia (Bulgaria)

Schedule: April 12-30th 2007 (preferable dates)

Reserve option: If FIDE insists on the regulation You can choose dates in March 2007, which is six months before Mexico.

Financial conditions: Price fund US Dollars one million and five hundred (net)

For the World Champion: One million USD (net)

For the challenger: 500,000 USD (net)

For FIDE: 20% of the price fund ; 300,000 USD (net)

The Organizing Committee cover all the expenses during the Match.

Please, be so kind to confirm the participation of the World Champion, as well the schedule of the match as soon is possible, in order to start the preparation of the event.

Best regards, Silvio Danailov President Kaissa chess management EOOD

The Bulgarians follow the FIDE regulation that states that any player with a rating of 2700 or higher can issue a challenge for a match of 12 games for the World Championship title against the incumbent World Champion, on the condition the challenger's side has to provide the prize fund of one million dollars. As is noted by Chessbase, the match cannot finish later than March 12th, 2007, which means either Kramnik has to cancel Wijk aan Zee or Topalov Linares for this match to happen...
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