New & full of opening novelties: Yearbook 85

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Yearbook 85 has just been published. In the 250 pages of this issue of The Chess Player's Guide to Opening News you will get, among much else, an answer to the following questions:
  • Has a Scottish amateur found the remedy for Black to 12.Kb1 in the Sicilian Dragon?
  • What is Black's best chance in the Classical King's Indian?
  • Does Viktor Bologan have good news for Black in the Chebanenko Slav?
  • Why did Tiviakov change sides in the Moscow Sicilian within a few days?
  • Just how flexible is the Kan Sicilian to Mikheil Mchedlishvili's mind?
  • Is Black still alive in the Volga and the Pseudo-Volga Gambit?
  • What's the latest gambit in the Queen's Indian, endorsed by Aronian, Carlsen and Shirov?
  • How did Alexander Grischuk fare against an expert's Classical Scotch?
  • How did Ivan Cheparinov counter a most dangerous novelty in the Rauzer?
  • What is Nigel Short's preferred K?ɬ?nigsspringerzur?ɬºckhaltungspolitik against the Scandinavian?
  • Which square is the best to sac your knight on in the Nimzo-Indian?

  • How can Black avoid the dangerous Nimzo-Indian exchange sacrifice with which Topalov beat Carlsen at Corus?
  • With what move did Evgeny Alexeev tear apart an important Alapin Slav line?

"Chess players who regularly read the yearbook can save money because there will be many chess opening books they don't need to buy", said a reviewer in Europa Rochade Magazine. Please have a look here.
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