New & full of opening novelties: Yearbook 89

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YB 89Yearbook 89 has just arrived!

In this issue of the Chess Players Guide to Opening News
you will find answers to urgent questions like:

    -- what is Sosonko's advice when you face a smashing novelty?
    -- why did Gashimov stop playing 12...Nh5 in the Benoni?
    -- is 9.h3 simply to slow in the Chigorin Ruy Lopez?
    -- is Bobby Fischer's 6.h3 against the Najdorf back in business?
    -- can Black permit himself Kortchnoi's pawn grab on h5 in the Caro-Kann?
    -- is Shirov too negative about Black in the Ruy Lopez Neo-Archangelsk?     -- can Mamedyarov keep the Budapest Gambit going at top level?
    -- is Negi's 9.Be3 what Black needs in the Steinitz French?
    -- will Moro's 10...Nd7 become a main move in the Exchange Gr?ɬºnfeld?
    -- how should players of the Dutch react to the Staunton Gambit?
    -- is Van Wely's plan against the Botvinnik Slav still good for an advantage?
    -- is Magnus Carlsen's move the Egg of Comlumbus for Dragon afficionados?     -- and much more!

"Fantastic value for money", said the British Federation for Correspondence Chess about the Yearbook.

Please have a look at the full contents of Yearbook 89.
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