New & full of opening novelties: Yearbook 91

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YB 91Yearbook 91 has just arrived!

In this issue of The Chess Player's Guide to Opening News you will find answers to urgent quenstions like:

-- can Svidler's refutation of Topalov's brilliant sac in the Najdorf be refuted? -- what does Sosonko think of the latest developments in the Dragon? -- what concept of Caruana's causes Black headaches in the Marshall Attack? -- why does Tiviakov play the unassuming ...c6 and ...d5 in the QI? -- has Kurnosov put the 3.f3 Anti-Gr?ยบnfeld out of business? -- why didn't Malakhov beat Galkin in the Rauzer Sicilian? -- can Black get away with the tempo loss 3.c5 in the Caro-Kann? -- how did Rozentalis score a winning streak of 6 in the Exchange Ruy Lopez? -- is Gutman's analysis of the Fajarowicz Gambit conclusive? -- is there a cure against the g2-g4 virus in virtually all openings? -- is the Slow Slav too slow against Anish Giri? -- what's wrong with Beliavsky & Mikhalchishin's new book? -- and much more!

"All serious chess players should read these outstanding books", is what Carsten Hansen wrote about the Yearbook on ChessCafe. Please, have a look at the full contents of Yearbook 91.
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