New In Chess # 6: "I thought I was Tal, but ..."

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"I thought I was playing like Tal, but I was really gambling." Sounds familiar? WGM Zhu Chen said this to her coach Victor Bologan, who almost had a heart attack watching Zhu burn a Bishop on f7. In other words: New In Chess 2007/06 is out, a bumper issue full of amazing stuff:
  • Magnus Carlsen on his great run of "missing all possible subtle and unsubtle points" in Biel (which he won)

  • Garry Kasparov on Victor Hugo, Bobby Fischer and FIDE's flagrant favouritism
  • an interview with Alexander Grischuk: will he abolish classical chess if he wins in Mexico?
  • on the spot tournament reports from Biel, Ottawa, Montreal, Cali, Luxembourg, Philadelphia, Krasnotoursk, Copenhagen and San Fransisco
  • top GM's analysing their own games: Ivanchuk, Van Wely, Carlsen, Bu Xiangzhi, Granda, Humpy Koneru, Peter Heine Nielsen, Onischuk, Pelletier, and many others
  • an 8 page very personal essay by Vesilin Topalov on the toilet wars in Elista: is he sorry?
And if you doubted Sergey Tiviakov's ability to write straightforwardly, stop worrying. Look what he says about a recent win: "It doesn't happen so often that a very strong opponent like Nigel Short is being demolished so convincingly". Boink! And all this is really only the tip of the iceberg. Please have a look at this extraordinary issue.
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