New: Lasker's classic for club players, just 17.95

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In London, in the spring of 1895, world champion Emanuel Lasker gave a series of lectures, geared to the level of club players. Later that year Lasker expanded and gathered the material and published it as a book. Common Sense in Chess has remained an instructional classic ever since. Our friends at Russell Enterprises in Connecticut have just published a splendid new edition of this book. This characteristics of this edition are:
  • it is converted to the algebraic notation
  • many diagrams have been added
  • the text has been reformatted to make it more clear
  • two chapters are added with Lasker's annotations of Hastings' 1895 last round games.

Common Sense in Chess is a masterpiece of compression and exposition. Lasker treated everything a club player should know: basic opening theory, middle game strategy and tactics, and endgame fundamentals. The chapters on attack and defence reveal Lasker's ability to condense matters to a single underlying principle: obstructions. It is the attacker's business to remove them, and the defender's to create them. Can chess really be that simple? In Lasker's hands yes. Please have a look at this very affordable (only ?¢‚Äö¬¨17.95) edition of this book that has lost nothing of its freshness.
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