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Videos from the BundesligaDespite losing their match against TV Tegernsee 3-5, Hamburger SK is the leader of the Bundesliga after the first weekend of the German league. In this report we have video interviews with GM Macieja and GM Laznicka.

In this first Bundesliga weekend not only the first and second round were playeds. The six (three pairs of two) clubs that are travelling together this season already played their seventh round as well - the round in which they meet each other.

In our first report on the new Bundesliga season we saw that the competition included some of the strongest players, e.g. Anand, Carlsen (paying for OSC Baden-Baden) and Ivanchuk (board 1 for SC Remagen). They didn't play this weekend, but for example Shirov (2741, Baden-Baden), Movsesian (2723, Baden-Baden) and Eljanov (2713, Werder Bremen) did.

In Hamburg, the home team welcomed TV Tegernsee, SF Berlin and FC Bayern M?ɬºnchen. On Friday the home club defeated SF Berlin 5.5-2.5. On Saturday Hamburg lost to Tegernsee 3-5 and SF Berlin won their match against FC Bayern M?ɬºnchen 4.5-3.5. On Sunday TV Tegernsee scored a big win versus SF Berlin (6-2) but the 5.5-2.5 victory for Hamburg against FC Bayern M?ɬºnchen was enough to grab the lead in the Bundesliga - on board points.

In Trier, the home club lost their 7th round match versus SC Remagen 3.5-4.5 on Friday. The next day they had to play their match against title holder OSC Baden-Baden. The club from Baden-Baden confirmed their status as big favorite with a big result: 1-7. SC Remagen went do against SC Eppingen 3.5-4.5. On Sunday, Baden-Baden won again: 5-3 against SC Remagen, while SC Eppingen-SG Trier ended 4.5-3.5.

In Bremen there was no 7th round. The home club started well on Saturday with a 6-2 victory against USV TU Dresden and so did SC Kreuzberg: they beat SK Turm Emsdetten 4.5-3.5. In round 2 on Sunday Kreuzberg and Bremen ended undecided (4-4) while SK Turm Emsdetten crushed USV TU Dresden: 7-1.

Let's go to Solingen, where the home team Aljechin Solingen started their 7th round on Friday with a 5-3 victory against SV Wattenscheid. On Saturday the home team couldn't keep their good form of Friday and Aljechin went down 2-6 against SV M?ɬºlheim-Nord. SV Wattenscheid defeated SF Katernberg 5-3.

In this match, Polish grandmaster Bartlomiej Macieja beat the young Czech GM Viktor Laznicka in a typical Sicilian with castling on opposite wings. First the game, then a video interview with Macieja created by Georgios Souleidis (unfortunately with bad lighting, but quite interesting to listen to):


On Sunday, SV M?ɬºlheim-Nord did it again: a 6-2 victory against SV Wattenscheid. SF Katernberg-SG Aljechin Solingen ended in 4-4. In that last game Laznicka, who recently ended second behind Werle at the European Union Championships, took revenge for their encounter in Liverpool. Here's the game and a video interview with Laznicka created by Georgios Souleidis:


Spielsaal 7

The playing hall in Solingen

Analyse Laznicka-Werle

Werle and Laznicka analysing their game with Evgeny Najer and Pavel Tregubov in the background


The game Macieja-Laznicka, where Black's sacrifice didn't work

Igor Glek 1

Igor Glek, a very experienced GM and also the
General Secretary of the Association of Chess Professionals

Artur Jussupow 2

Artur Jussupow, even more experienced, in the Bundesliga as well

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