No Amsterdam Chess Tournament this year

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A minute ago the ChessVibes editorial team wiped away a tear. The reason was a press release that we received: for this year the Amsterdam Chess Tournament (ACT) is canceled, because of insufficient financial means. Both amateurs and strong grandmasters always mention The Netherlands, together with Spain, as one of the best chess countries in the world. Despite this unfortunately we can't manage to create a long-term open tournament in our capital. But perhaps we're too negative now, since the ACT organisers say they have good hope for an ACT next year. We hope the same!

Press release

We regret the fact that we have to announce that we decided to abandon the organisation of the Amsterdam Chess Tournament 2007. For a long time we've been looking for the necessary financial means to ensure a succesful tournament, but the current state of our balance sheet doesn't allow us to organise the tournament in the scheduled period (14-22 July 2007).

To win some time, we tried to postpone the tournament for one month, but during that period the tournament hall (the USC) is not available. Therefore, for all parties involved (and especially the chess players, who need to be informed in time) we considered it best to make a decision.

We asked the sponsors, who have supported us in the past and were planning to for the 2007 edition, to help us in 2008 again. Because we're definitely planning to try again for 2008 to organise a 4th ACT. Hopefully then we'll succeed.

On behalf of Stichting Schaak Amsterdam,

Peter Vorstermans (chairman) Willem Hensbergen (treasurer) Jeroen van den Berg (tournament director ACT)
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