Olympiad R2: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan win again (and so do 16 more countries)

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Leko and Polgar playing for HungaryIt was great to see Peter Leko and Judit Polgar next to each other, playing for Hungary; they beat Latvians Miezis and Sveshnikov in round 2 of the Olympiad in Dresden. Countries like Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan won again, but so did El Salvador, Faroe Islands and Japan! Round 2 report with games, results and photos.

The Chess Olympiad takes place 12-25 november in Dresden, Germany. ChessVibes provides daily coverage and will be reporting from the venue in Dresden during the last six rounds. This is the report of the second round.

"Due to a series of unforeseen errors regarding the team rosters", the chief arbiter after consultation with the organizing committee decided to postpone the second round from 15:00 to 16:00. Something which was quite annoying for the players, but luckily everybody was in the same situation. It wasn't clear which, but it was clear that there were some human errors involved.

The consequence was that it wasn't easy to arrive late this time, but the organizers and the chief arbiter actually agreed to only give warnings in the first two rounds, if players do arrive late. They will start forfeiting the players starting in round 3.

Despite their marginal win in the first round, the Russians played on board one again. As from this year the Olympiad is like a Swiss tournament, where game points are more important than board points, and pairings follow average ratings of teams.

Vladimir Kramnik played his first game after his lost world championship match against Anand - he drew with Black against Poland's Kamil Miton, who had Anand's second Wojtaszek beside him, who drew with Grischuk. One more draw and Jakovenko beating Bartel means that Russia collected another two game points. And so did Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Germany 1, The Netherlands, Romania, Malaysia, Norway, China, India, England, Faroe Islands, Spain, Ukraine, Georgia, Japan, El Salvador and Malta.

After beating Bulgaria in round 1, Germany's second team lost to Norway. Their board one, Georg Meier, drew with Magnus Carlsen after he had beaten Cheparinov in the first round. Yesterday he said the Bulgarians had underestimated them by leaving Topalov out.

The Americans dropped a match point, tieing 2-2 with Greece. Onischuk beat Halkias but Akobian lost to Mastrovasilis. India, playing without the world champ unfortunately, is on 4 points after beating Sweden. England, with both Adams and Short, defeated Denmark.

An upset on board one of Italy-United Arab Emirats, where Caruana lost to IM Saleh Salem, but Italy still winning 2?Ǭ?-1?Ǭ?. Vietnam crushed their almost-neighbour Singapore 4-0.

In the women's section, 14 countries are on 4 match points and it's safe to say that the tournament really starts today. With just 11 rounds, we're having a shorter but certainly very exciting Olympiad ahead of us. Round 3 pairings include Russia-Cuba, China-Norway, Netherlands-Azerbaijan and Hungary-Czech Republic, and Russia-India on board one of the women's section.

Results and standings in both the Open and Women's sections:

[TABLE=457] [TABLE=459] [TABLE=458] [TABLE=460]

Here's a selection of round 2 games for replay:

The following photos are by Paul Truong; it's a selection of much more available:


The Dresden Semperoper, the opera house of the Saxon State Opera Dresden and the concert hall of the S?ɬ§chsische Staatskapelle Dresden. It's one of the most famous in the world, built in 1841, by architect Gottfried Semper.

art chess set

A fine art chess set...


...and a piece of chess art


Board one of Poland-Russia: Kamil Miton vs Vladimir Kramnik


Of course most photographers are interested in Kramnik today


Levon Aronian, drawing with Bologan but winning again with Armenia

Mamedyarov and Radjabov

Azeri's Mamedyarov and Radjabov, also winning their second team match

Leko and Polgar

Peter Leko and Judit Polgar now playing next to each other for Hungary

Aagaard and Rowson

Jacob Aagaard and Jonathan Rowson, respected authors and respected Scottish top players

Adams and Short

Top boards for England: Michael Adams and Nigel Short

Paco Vallejo and Alexei Shirov

Top boards for Spain: Paco Vallejo and Alexei Shirov

Michele Godena and Fabiano Caruana

Top boards for Italy: Michele Godena and Fabiano Caruana

Russia vs Slovenia

Russia versus Slovenia with Alexandra Kosteniuk vs Anna Muzychuk and Tatiana Kosintseva vs Jana Krivec


Russia's board 3 and 4: Nadezhda Kosintseva and Natalia Pogonina

Iran vs Ukraine

Ukraine-Iran with Atousa Pourkashiyan vs Lahno Kateryna, Shadi Paridar vs Natalia Zhukova, Shayesteh Ghader Pour vs Anna Ushenina and Mona Salman Mahini vs Natalia Zdebskaja


Magnus Carlsen, drawing his second-round game for Norway


David Navara, board one for the Czech Republic

Karjakin and Tukmakov

Sergei Karjakin concentrating, but losing to Serbia's Dragan Solak, while Ukraine's team captain Vladimir Tukmakov observes


The US team with Kamsky, Nakamura and Onischuk


The Cubans with (in reversed board order) Hernandez, Quezada, Bruzon and Dominguez


The Dutch team, led by Loek van Wely and in the second round playing with Smeets, L'Ami and Werle

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