Hong Kong, Angola Perfect; Eid Brilliant In Olympiad Division 4
IM Fadi Eid from Lebanon found in incredible Short-esque king march to win and advance his team!

Hong Kong, Angola Perfect; Eid Brilliant In Olympiad Division 4

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Only two federations, Hong Kong and Angola, achieved perfect scores in division four of the Online Chess Olympiad. Along with 13 other triumphant federations, they secured advancement to division three that takes place August 7-9 on

Two teams, Mauritania and Lebanon (both in Pool C), qualified for division four last week AND secured advancement to division three this week.

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After the base division competed last week (July 24-26) with thirty teams in three pools, this week saw the first "full" divisional week with a complete cadre of 50 teams split into five "pools" of 10 teams each. The top three teams in each division advance to division four this weekend (August 7-9).

This week saw many fine games, brilliant tactics, and cliffhanger finishes as these 50 teams and 300 players competed for national honor and advancement.

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Pool A

Hong Kong was the clear victor in Pool A, winning all nine of its matches in convincing fashion.

Finishing second in the division was Thailand who lost their match against Hong Kong and drew Chinese Taipei (who finished third) but still managed to score the most points of any team in the division, winning four matches with a perfect 6/6.

Impressing was FM Kulpruethanon, who scored a critical point against neighboring Myanmar.

Kenya missed out on qualifying for division three, finishing in the middle of the pool, but they demonstrated admirable solidarity and team spirit.

Olympiad Standings, Pool A, Division Four.

Pool B

Syria came slightly ahead of Malta and Mozambique, losing only one match in the pool. In fact, Syria benefited from a bit of luck against Mozambique when the clearly winning Efentakis blundered mate in two against Manar. Still, Mozambique stayed ahead in that match, winning with a solid 4-2.

Olympiad Standings, Pool B, Division Four.

Pool C

In the most spectacular game of the day, IM Fadi Eid scored an important point for Lebanon against Nigeria's veteran IM Oladapo Ado. Eid perfectly used Nigel Short's brilliant king march idea from Short vs. Timman, Tilburg, 1991. The final sequence was every bit as beautiful as the original and makes a striking impression. Eid's victory also aided his team to match victory and second place in the division.

Lebanon was one of two teams that qualified for division four through victory in the base division last week AND qualified this week for division three. The second team to accomplish this feat was Mauritania, which won the pool. Mauritania's only draw came against Nigeria. They could have won the match as well had their excellent scorer, Hemam Rahilou, found a beautiful queen sacrifice to force checkmate.

Olympiad Standings, Pool C, Division Four.

Pool D

Angola was the second team to score a perfect nine match victories in the week. They were even able to afford the luxury of being swindled brilliantly by Diego Zilleruelo Irizarry of Puerto Rico in a tight match.

Once again, the African teams displayed solidarity and seriousness in their matches. Ghana gathered together to compete from the beautiful Accra Sports Stadium Center; they were slightly short of qualification, but they performed admirably.

The Netherlands Antilles too competed from a single team location and performed well, despite their small size (just 300,000 residents), but not quite well enough to advance.

Olympiad Standings, Pool D, Division Four.

Pool E

Nicaragua won Pool E undefeated with an eight match wins and one draw. They also won three matches with a perfect 6/6 score.

Nicaragua allowed just one draw, to Honduras, en route to their triumphant qualification. Pool E proved to be the most seriously contested in division four. The difference between Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago qualifying was a fine f7-tactic played by Marlon Eduardo Miller Matute, who scored the decisive victory against Isaiah McIntosh, who had won many fine games for Trinidad and Tobago.

Although Trinidad and Tobago missed qualification only by tiebreakers, they did win many fine games, including the following, though it was possible to finish in even finer style with a beautiful queen sacrifice.

The final Pool E victors were Jamaica, for whom CM Rachel Miller was a true star.

Olympiad Standings, Pool E, Division Four.

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The FIDE Online Olympiad is a major online chess event for national teams that runs July 25-August 30 on the server. More than 1,500 participants and 163 teams from all over the world are playing.

Each team consists of six players, including at least two women, at least one player who is 20 or younger, and at least one girl who is 20 or younger. The time control for all matches is 15 minutes for the game and five seconds increment per move, starting from move one.

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