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The organizers of the London Chess Classic today announced the full pairings of the third edition which takes place 3-12 December in London.

The third London Chess Classic will be the strongest tournament in the history of British chess. It will be complemented by a chess festival with tournaments for all levels and of course free chess coaching for schools.

The festival runs from 3-12 December 2011 and falls on two weekends. Again there will be many side events such as a FIDE Open, weekend tournaments, blitz tournaments every evening and a Women’s all-play-all.

Viktor Korchnoi has agreed to come back again as guest of honour and will give two simultaneous displays.

There will also be training courses for chess teachers and for those who would like to become chess teachers, both organised by the charity Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC).


NameTitleCountryRating (1/11/2011)World Ranking
Carlsen, MagnusgrandmasterNOR2826130.11.1990
Anand, Viswanathanworld championIND2811211.12.1969
Aronian, LevongrandmasterARM2802306.10.1982
Kramnik, Vladimirex-world championRUS2800425.06.1975
Nakamura, HikarugrandmasterUSA27581009.12.1987
Adams, MichaelgrandmasterENG27341717.11.1971
Short, NigelgrandmasterENG26984801.06.1965
McShane, LukegrandmasterENG26717407.01.1984
Howell, DavidgrandmasterENG263313914.11.1990

The average rating of the 2011 London Chess Classic (November 2011 list) is over 2730, making it comfortably the strongest event ever held in the UK.

London Chess Classic 2011 | Full pairings

Round 103.12.1115:00 CET Round 204.12.1115:00 CET
Kramnik-Nakamura Howell-Adams
Aronian-McShane McShane-Carlsen
Carlsen-Howell Nakamura-Aronian
Adams-Anand Short-Kramnik
ShortbyeAssisting the commentary AnandbyeAssisting the commentary
Round 305.12.1115:00 CET Round 406.12.1117:00 CET
Aronian-Short Carlsen-Kramnik
Carlsen-Nakamura Adams-Short
Adams-McShane Anand-Nakamura
Anand-Howell Howell-McShane
KramnikbyeAssisting the commentary AronianbyeAssisting the commentary
Round 508.12.1115:00 CET Round 609.12.1115:00 CET
Nakamura-Howell Adams-Aronian
Short-Anand Anand-Kramnik
Kramnik-Adams Howell-Short
Aronian-Carlsen McShane-Nakamura
McShanebyeAssisting the commentary CarlsenbyeAssisting the commentary
Round 710.12.1115:00 CET Round 811.12.1115:00 CET
Short-McShane Anand-Carlsen
Kramnik-Howell Howell-Aronian
Aronian-Anand McShane-Kramnik
Carlsen-Adams Nakamura-Short
NakamurabyeAssisting the commentary AdamsbyeAssisting the commentary
Round 912.12.1113:00 CET    
McShane Anand    
HowellbyeAssisting the commentary    

For clarification: As the lowest rated player has pairing number 7, according to the tournament regulations, the round this player has the “bye” has been moved to be played as round 9.

Albert Vasse IA – Chief Arbiter

Timetable, course details and tickets are available here:

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