Pavel Eljanov Wins Politiken Cup

Pavel Eljanov Wins Politiken Cup

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The Politiken Cup was a 10-round Swiss Open held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 31 July - 8 August.

In a similar fashion to the recent British Championships, one player was rated around 150 Elo points above the rest of the field and dominated to win the event.

Current world #8 ranked player Pavel Eljanov (pictured) scored 8.5/10 to live up to his top billing.  27-year old Eljanov is in great form, having won the last FIDE Grand Prix in Astrakhan, and is a clearly player to watch!

The top of the standings looked like this:

1  Eljanov, Pavel UKR 2755 8.5
2  Rodshtein, Maxim ISR 2609 8.0
3  Landa, Konstantin RUS 2598 8.0
4  Macieja, Bartlomiej POL 2639 8.0
5  Meier, Georg GER 2648 7.5
6  Danielsen, Henrik ISL 2512 7.5
7  Hector, Jonny SWE 2584 7.5
8  Rasmussen, Allan Stig DEN 2510 7.5
9  Ganguly, Surya Shekhar IND 2655 7.5
10  Mchedlishvili, Mikheil GEO 2625 7.5
11  Hansen, Sune Berg DEN 2595 7.5
12  Portisch, Lajos HUN 2539 7.5
13  Baklan, Vladimir UKR 2638 7.5
14  Cmilyte, Viktoria LIT 2527 7.5
15  Brynell, Stellan SWE 2495 7.5
16  Kovchan, Alexander UKR 2571 7.5




In a side event in honour of the legendary 75-year old Danish GM, Bent Larsen, the current Danish #1, Peter Heine Nielsen took on the ever-popular Russian GM, Peter Svidler.  The unusual challenge featured a 6-game rapid match, a 10-game blitz match and a 10-game Larsen Opening themed blitz match.

Peter Svidler was a convincing winner overall, taking the rapid match 4.5-1.5, winning the themed blitz 7-3, and drawing the blitz 5-5.

Unusually, many of the games of the match were filmed and are available to watch on YouTube.  An example is below.

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