Pearl Spring Tournament In China

Pearl Spring Tournament In China

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Being a secret multi-millionaire I have decided to stage my own tournament* - the Pearl Spring Tournament - in the fast-improving nation of China.

The tournament takes place from 11-22 December and the format is double round-robin.  The official website is here.  It's being held in Nanjing and features some of my favourite players:

 Veselin Topalov  2791
 Vassily Ivanchuk  2786
 Levon Aronian
 Sergei Movsesian
 Peter Svidler
 Bu Xiangzhi

*Actually, the tournament is named after the Pearl Spring Hotel and Leisure Resort, where the tournament is being held (and not my member name! Laughing).  The Municipal People's Government of Nanjing is organising the event.  I'm not a multi-millionaire - sadly...Cry.

It's interesting that this tournament clashes with the next Grand Prix event in Elista - if that goes ahead.  It's an excellent line-up, especially taking that into consideration.  As China develops further as a powerful chess nation we should expect to see even more strong chess events being held there.

So if YOU were a multi-millionaire, who would you invite to your chess tournament and what would you call it?

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