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Philadelphia Inventors Follow The Rule Of Three

Philadelphia Inventors Follow The Rule Of Three

Jan 4, 2017, 11:10 AM 0

The Philadelphia Inventors have fielded both three grandmasters and three international masters on their top boards with many excellent masters below to put together a strong and competitive team.

Their "grandmaster repertoire" of GMs Andriy Vovk, Sergey Erenburg, and Bryan Smith is a strong lead. Vovk is the strongest of the group with n Elo of 2641. Here's a beautiful miniature from him against another PRO League player, GM Alex Lenderman.

Chess.com members will also be familiar with Erenburg from his match in Man vs Machine where he took the heat to Komodo in one of the most aggressive attempts to dethrone the silicon beast.

As for Bryan Smith, where he is now is gearing up for the PRO Chess League  Smith is popular with Chess.com users for his incredible opening articles.

Perhaps the most popular Inventor is IM Yaacov Norowitz. A staple in Live Chess, Norowitz is known for being an excellent blitz player, thoroughly capable of defeating some of the world's best. If his rapid is as good as his blitz, he will be a rating steal, potentially elevating the Inventors to certain post-season glory. Here he is claiming Chess.com's "best move" prize in our doubled-up Titled Tuesday.

IMs Tom Bartell and Richard Costigan complete the international master trio. They are bolstered by FMs Andrei Zaremba and Dov Gorman and NMs Peter Minear and Matthew O'Brien

With so many fine players at all levels, the Inventors have a ton of roster flexibility and are capable of putting up many very dangerous players every week.

The PRO Chess League welcomes the Philadelphia Inventors!

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