Play Chess Against The New Billionaire Bots

Play Chess Against The New Billionaire Bots

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Some billionaires like to go to space while others enjoy posting weird tweets—some even fancy going to space and posting weird tweets. No one knows what goes on inside a billionaire's mind, but we do know one thing: When we turn them into bots, they all like playing chess! 

You can now play our five new Billionaire Bots on our Play Computer page. Turn off your social media and every device that can listen to you before playing against Gill Bates, Melon Husk, Zark Muckerberg, Biff Jezos, and Barron Wuffet. But hurry! Time is money and in their case, time is a lot of money so they won't be here after this month ends.

Below you can learn more about the new Billionaire Bots.

Barron Wuffet

Playing strength: 600

Mr. Wuffet is a close friend of Gill Bates, although he's not as strong of a player as his billionaire bot buddy. However, give him the right pawns, and he sure will turn them into powerful queens.

Barron Wuffet bot

Biff Jezos

Playing strength: 1000

No one has more chess books than Biff. He's rich, has been to space, and is primed and ready for a game. 

Biff Jezos bot

Zark Muckerberg

Playing strength: 1200

Zark Muckerberg is a controversial chess player who uses his popular website Bookface to spy on other peoples' opening prep. Can you escape Zark's algorithm to beat him?

Zark Muckerberg bot

Melon Husk

Playing strength: 1400

If they can send a car to space, they can send a melon. Wild moves, wilder tweets—be careful with this tough Husk.

Melon Husk

Gill Bates

Playing strength: 1500

Mr. Bates made a fortune after popularizing the cersonal pomputer. He enjoys playing chess and even played a game on TV against Cagnus Marlsen. Marlsen beat the billionaire, but can you do it too?

Gill Bates

Can you beat the billionaire bots? Head over to our Play Computer page to find out!

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