Pocket Fritz 3 Wins 'Human' Chess Tourney

Pocket Fritz 3 Wins 'Human' Chess Tourney

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There have been so many chess events taking place lately that it might have been easy to overlook an unremarkable tournament in Argentina, the Copa Mercusor, except for one small thing - one small pocket PC sized thing.

The winner of the category VII tournament (average rating 2410) was none other than the latest version of Fritz for the Pocket PC - Pocket Fritz 3.  This version is now so powerful it has an estimated rating of 2550 Elo!

Pocket Fritz went through the tournament undefeated, winning 6 games and drawing 4.

The final standings:

1    Pocket Fritz 3  GER  8
2 GM  Bachmann Axel  2511 PAR  7
3 IM  Valerga Diego  2502 ARG  6
4 GM  Slipak Sergio  2439 ARG  6
5 IM  Mareco Sandro  2477 ARG   
6 IM  Flores Rios Mauricio  2438 CHI   
7 IM  Real De Azua Ernesto  2429 ARG   
8 FM  Della Morte German  2387 ARG   
9 GM  Rodriguez Vila Andres  2531 URU   
10 FM  Molina Roberto Junio Brit  2402 BRA   
11 FM  Fusco Leonardo  2392 ARG  2


Pocket Fritz 3 actually uses the powerful Hiarcs chess engine developed by Mark Uniacke.

How long before a chess program running on a Pocket PC can consistently beat the best Grandmasters?

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