Polgar v Kaidanov Theme Match

Polgar v Kaidanov Theme Match

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judit_polgar01.jpgIt's a relative rarity to see a themed chess match between strong players, so they are always welcome, especially when one of the players is the great Judit Polgar.

Judit Polgar will play the strong American GM and popular coach Gregory Kaidanov in a themed chess match over four games between 22-25 February in South Carolina, USA.  The theme? The Sicilian Defence!

Game One will be a Sicilian Sveshnikov, Game Two a Dragon, Game Three the Najdorf, and finally Game Four is a Scheveningen.  Kaidanov has the white pieces in the first game.

Should be an exciting match! Live games will be broadcast by the official site here. Games start at 2pm.


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