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PRO Chess League Results: Playoffs Week 1

PRO Chess League Results: Playoffs Week 1

Mar 1, 2017, 12:00 AM 6

Please find below playoff match results for the PRO Chess League week one. For the as-it-happens action and up-to-the-minute results, tune in to the PRO Chess League Wednesdays on Chess.com/TV and follow the games in Chess.com/live.

Eastern Division

Norway Gnomes 9 7 Mumbai Movers
Gorky Stormbringers 8 8 Riga Magicians

Central Division

Cannes Blockbusters 7 9 London Lions
Amsterdam Mosquitoes 7.5 8.5 London Towers

Atlantic Division

Toronto Dragons 7.5 8.5 Miami Champions
Montclair Sopranos 9 7 Philadelphia Inventors

Pacific Division

Dallas Destiny 7.5 8.5 San Jose Hackers
San Diego Surfers 9.5 6.5 Rio Grande Ospreys

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