Profundity at the MEC during Corus

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Soon it will start again, the greatest chess tournament in the world. Wonderful to participate in and an excellent opportunity to meet old chess friends again. Nowhere else you'll find so many (top) chess players together as in Wijk aan Zee. For those who like to have some explanation about the games, there's even a special commentary tent where professional commentary is given.

Before a knowledgable audience, several masters and grandmasters are juggling by giving live commentary at several games at the same time. These commentators are the best you can get, and still there will always be something lost with this formula.

A reason for the Max Euwe Centre to organize two sessions during the Corus Tournament where just one game is examined. And not only for those who missed the analysis in Wijk aan Zee or on the internet, but more as a intensification.

The big advantage of non-live commentary is that you can be sure of a spectacular show. Besides, this way the experienced grandmasters have enough time to prepare for all the beautiful things that have happened.

Sunday 21st by Genna Sosonko and Sunday 28th by Hans Ree, the games are gnawed off to the bone between 20.00 and 22.00 hrs at the MEC. Both analysis sessions are hosted by well-prepared, experienced grandmasters who will serve the audience the most interresting game so far.

Joris van Vuure Max Euwe Centrum
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