Reinderman plaatst zich voor Corus C, deelnemers bekendgemaaktReinderman qualifies for Corus C, participants made public

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Today the last participants of the Corus Chess Tournament have been made public: those of Grandmastergroup C. With nine GMs, and the well-know mixture of talent, experience and ladies, it's going to be an interesting group again. First seed is Evgenij Miroshnichenko from Ukraine. Dimitri Reinderman qualified last Wednesday, by winning the Cultural Village Tournament, where I interviewed him.

The top favourite of group C is GM Evgenij Miroshnichenko from Ukraine, but youngster Fabiano Caruana, who yesterday won the Italian national championship with a round to spare at the age of 15, is a candidate for first place as well. Women chess is represented by Irina Krush (USA), Zhaoqin Peng (Netherlands) and Anna Ushenina (Ukraine). Dutch IM Mark van der Werf and Dennis Ruijgrok have qualified for Grandmastergroup C by winning the two highest tienkampen (nine-round events) in January 2007. Besides the winner, the best Dutchman will also qualify for Grandmastergroup B in 2009.


Below you will find all Grandmastergroups of the Corus Chess Tournament 2008.

The Cultural Village Tournament was being held 19-28 November in Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands. Wijk aan... wait a minute... Yes, that famous sea town where a certain tournament is being held every year in January. But besides a "January tradition" there's also a "November tradition". Every year a small norm tournament is being held, especially organised for Dutch talents who are on the verge of becoming an IM or GM. And besides the possible norms, there's an extra, special prize for the winner: the right to participate in Corus Grandmastergroup C. Last year IM Thomas Willemze managed to do this and this year the lucky one was GM Dimitri Reinderman, who won the tournament with 7/9.

All games in PGN here. During the last round ChessVibes was present in Wijk aan Zee. Here's a video report, including an interview with the winner:

With the completion of Grandmastergroup C all players of the GM-groups of the upcoming Corus Chess Tournament are now officially known:




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