Reykjavik Open 2012

Reykjavik Open 2012

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Reykjavik-Open-2012-banner.jpgThe Reykjavik Chess festival is underway, featuring 25 Grandmasters in the 9-round Open Swiss competition.

The top seed is the young star Fabiano Caruana of Italy, followed by David Navara of the Czech Republic. Other notables include the #3 Bulgarian player Ivan Cheparinov and women's world champion Hou Yifan.

There is also a sizeable US contingent in the city of Bobby Fischer's greatest triumph, including Robert Hess, Yuri Shulman, Marc Arnold, Irina Krush and Maurice Ashley.

The spectacular new venue is worth seeing - the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre:



The time control is 40 moves in 90 minutes followed by 30 minutes to finish with a 30 second increment from the start.  The total prize fund on offer is €15,000.

After four rounds the top standings look like this:

 Name Nat Elo Pts 
1 GM  Cheparinov Ivan  BUL 2664 4.0
2 GM  Jones Gawain C B  ENG 2635 4.0
3 GM  Caruana Fabiano  ITA 2767 4.0
GM  Navara David  CZE 2700 4.0
5 GM  Hess Robert L  USA 2635 4.0
6 GM  Sokolov Ivan  NED 2653 4.0
7 GM  Kuzubov Yuriy  UKR 2615 3.5
8 IM  Thorfinnsson Bragi  ISL 2421 3.5
9 GM  Baklan Vladimir  UKR 2612 3.5
10 FM  Coleman Teddy  USA 2356 3.5
11 GM  Hou Yifan  CHN 2639 3.0
12 GM  L'ami Erwin  NED 2611 3.0
13 GM  Ipatov Alexander  TUR 2561 3.0
14 IM  Arnold Marc T  USA 2502 3.0
15 GM  Williams Simon K  ENG 2506 3.0
16 IM  Akshayraj Kore  IND 2422 3.0
17 GM  Kryvoruchko Yuriy  UKR 2666 3.0
18 GM  Avrukh Boris  ISR 2591 3.0
19 IM  Ziska Helgi Dam  FAI 2456 3.0
20 GM  Stefansson Hannes  ISL 2531 3.0


Freelance chess media maker Macauley Peterson is producing daily recap videos which are available at the official tournament website or YouTube channel. The first three are below.




Fabiano Caruana opened with a win in round one

Reykjavik-Open-2012-fabiano caruana round 1.jpg



Hou Yifan's first move was made by city councillor Óttarr Ólafur Proppé

Reykjavik-Open-2012-hou yifan round 1.jpg








Pictures from the official website.

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