'Rising Stars' clinch victory against 'Experience'

'Rising Stars' clinch victory against 'Experience'

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The rising stars of the ...err...'Rising Stars' team have eclipsed the 'Experience' team to ensure victory in the NH Tournament with 2 rounds still to go.

All the young 'uns have played well, but Wang Yue (pictured) of China has been spectacular.  After 8 rounds he stands on a remarkable 7.5/8, with Ivan Cheparinov still just about in touch with him on 6.5/8.  The winner will get an invite to the prestigious Melody Amber event next year.

Wang Yue's performance has been so impressive that he has been approached by Jeroen van den Berg, organiser of the Corus tournament, who invited him to play in the 'A' tournament there next year.  He is also currently leading in the FIDE Grand Prix standings, so it seems the sky is the limit for this talented 21 year-old from China.

Update.  There was just one decisive game in round 9 - Ljubomir Ljubojevic beat Fabiano Caruana to give the 'Experience Team' their first 'round' victory.  Well done Ljubo!

The match score is 'Rising Stars' 30 - 'Experience' 15 with just one round to go.

The individual standings after round 9 are:

1. Wang Yue  CHN 8.0
2. Cheparinov, Ivan  BUL 7.0
3. Caruana, Fabiano ITA 5.5
4. L'Ami, Erwin NED 5.0
5. Stellwagen, Daniël  NED 4.5
6. Agdestein, Simen  NOR 4.0
7. Bareev, Evgeny  RUS 3.5
8. Ljubojevic, Ljubomir  SRB 3.0
9. Korchnoi, Viktor  SUI 2.5
10. Jussupow, Artur  GER 2.0


Here is Yue's win over Jussupow in round 8 and Ljubo's win over Caruana in round 9:

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