'Rising Stars' versus 'Experience' in Amsterdam

'Rising Stars' versus 'Experience' in Amsterdam

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In a crowded chess tournament schedule, it isn't easy for an event to stand out from all the others.  The NH Chess Tournament in Amsterdam has an interesting twist; it's a team event featuring an 'Experience' team of mature players, and a 'Rising Stars' team of bright young things that are just setting out on their chess careers.

The experience team includes the evergreen veteran Viktor Korchnoi (pictured).  The full line-up for the 'Experience' team is:

Evgeny Bareev (Russia)  2655
Viktor Korchnoi (Switzerland)  2602
Artur Jussupow (Germany)  2587
Simon Adgestein (Norway)  2583
Ljubomir Ljubojevic (Serbia)  2555


The 'Rising Stars' team is headed by the current leader of the FIDE Grand Prix series, Wang Yue of China (pictured).

The full line-up for the 'Rising Stars' team is:

Wang Yue (China)  2704
Ivan Cheparinov (Bulgaria)  2687
Fabiano Caruana (Italy)  2630
Daniel Stellwagen (Netherlands)  2616
Erwin L'Ami  2610


The youngest player is Italy's Fabiano Caruana at just 16 years of age.  Fabiano is a GM and is already Italy's highest ranked player.  When he takes on Viktor Korchnoi, he will giving away 61 years to his venerable opponent!

So will youth or experience win out in the end?  Good luck to all the players!

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